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Whoops. Went to the Wrong Convention. turns out I did actually miss my self imposed deadline like I assumed I would. Super! BitCon in OKC has come and gone and my Tetris dress is only a fraction closer to completion. *shrug* Ah well, I've got until the first week of June for a different con if I want to show it off. I can't wrap my head around what cosplayers find fun in stressing out over costumes. Completing such challenges just wears me out and would definitely wear a hole in my wallet.

Speaking of wearing a hole in my wallet, I am incapable of coming in under budget when going on out of town trips. Like so. I spent a nice tidy $60 on a Boy and his Blob manual and pieced together a reproduction set of cartridge, insert, and box art for Terranigma. Considering I will never likely find an English version of this game, nor would I want to damage a cartridge if I found one, I considered this a fair compromise. My interests and to-collect list for video games is coming to a slow halt. I gave myself a nice …