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Revisiting My Old Loom and A Warp Finishing Tip

Today is an exciting day! I've remembered a warp finishing technique that I've only tried once before and it appears to be successful. :-) But first..

Have you ever been working on a long term project with a self imposed deadline when suddenly your brain derails you with an urgent need to try out a different technique? Well, that's what happened to me this past week.

I was happily plugging away at my embroidered Tetris blocks when I got to thinking about beading on a loom. Mind you, I fall into the beader stereotype of having learned at a young age to loom and enjoyed every second up until dealing with those pesky end warps. Needless to say that I moved on to off loom stitches within half a year or so. I have occasionally gone back to the loom for certain projects, but inevitably get disgusted with the fuzzy mess at the end and abandon future ideas.

Somehow, this time it's different. I wanted to make bracelets for my two best friends. So now I have some new delicas and…

Beading to the Sound of Your Doctor's Voice

Good morning! I haven't gone to bed yet. I've been up all evening after a three hour post work nap. I swear this a miracle since today was my fourth Starbucks morning in a row. The exhaustion always sets in about 10 minutes after I get home. Only two more days until my next day off! There was a time when I used to take those for granted...

Anyway, I've been making progress on my Bead embroidered Tetris blocks:

I've got to admit that they're looking better than I expected. Except the green 'square' blocks. The little bastards followed one of the cardinal rules of Beadwork to a T, 'Thou shalt never expect a gridded pattern to be perfectly square, ever.' I'll cope. I swear.

After realizing (from the start) that there was no possible way I was going to fit all 30+ pieces I plan to make on my single remaining half sheet of Lacy's Stiff Stuff, I knew I had to buy more beading foundation. Guys, I've pretty much stopped buying art supplies in re…

I Think I Forgot What A Straight Line Is

Hello all! Here's a snapshot of what I've been working on tonight:

So it turns out I forgot how to embroider in a straight line. What a shame. My work now looks like my handwriting; crooked. Here's my pattern that I'm working from:

If you haven't quite guessed it yet, I'm embroidering sprites for Tetris blocks to go on my newly finished Tetris dress, pictured here:

By the way, I learned how to sew! It only took me a year to finish this dress because it has pockets, pleats, and piping. Oh, and my best friend was holding the project hostage at her house because I didn't own a sewing machine for most of the time and she was teaching me.

Fun fact about me. When I was four I asked my grandfather how he lost his fingers (he was missing most of his thumb and index finger). He looked me dead in the eyes and said these exact words: "In a sewing machine accident." Think it might have had something to do with my aversion to the craft for the last two decades…