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On the Process of Giving

Hi guys!

For the last week, I've been downsizing both my bead stash and my collection of handmade beadwork. In my last post I detailed the rigors of handing out jewelry to unsuspecting friends. I encountered many of the same question and answer scenarios but have gotten better at the convincing part. ;-)

In contrast to gifting jewelry out of the blue, it is incredibly easy to give away the beads themselves. I held a destash giveaway on my Facebook page with spectacular success! And I had a helper:

Pythagoras is a handmade Katamari cousin. We found the crocheted bit at a Goodwill and sewed on the face and antennae! I hope there is a future game of Katamari where you can build your own cousin, because this dude would totally make it in!

He's been busy helping me roll up ALL THE BEADS! And now, we've been packing boxes:

And this is what my living room floor looks like. 19 boxes waiting for shipping payments and addresses:

I am entirely too ready to start beading again! I just…

Why is FREE so difficult to understand?

Warning: parts of this post will probably sound a bit whiny and self pitying, but I need to vent and organize my thoughts on the subject.

Hello! I've come to the point in my beading career (if you can call it that) where I desperately want a new start. After my last job ending in the strangest fashion, I have been unemployed for two months. I have found myself again attempting to make a business from beading jewelry, with little success. Today (or rather, yesterday afternoon), I had an epiphany. I've been going about the selling aspect of jewelry making in entirely the wrong way. My attempts at simplifying my work in order to pursue a wholesale supplying career is being severely hindered by my staunch refusal to make do with the supplies I already have on hand. My solution? Why, to get rid of any useless supplies from my hoard and the multitude of finished designs that I don't want anymore, of course!

Before I go any further, here's the link for my current finished jew…