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New Work, New Listings, New Look!

Hi guys! I've been in the process of re-branding and unifying the look of my Etsy store. I've been adding new items that I'm excited about. (By new, I mean mostly made last fall and just finished photographing, fyi.) Here they are:

Comments? I like to think I'm doing slightly better than in the past. Plus, since I gave up craft shows for this year, I've been wanting my online presence to be more professional looking.

I did the math the other day. Since I live so far from most art and craft show venues, it costs me on average $600 in total expenses. For that same amount of money, I can list 3,000 items on Etsy. My mind is boggled right now. I don't even have that many finished pieces on hand to list.......

Featured Book Models: Prisoners of Space by Lester Del Rey, Project Pope by Clifford D. Simak

Still Up For Grabs

So I was right a few weeks ago when I said it's harder to give away beadwork than it is to sell it. Guys, you don't have to feel guilty for taking a gift from me. I mean it, truly.

These fabulous pieces are still available for FREE (let me stress the free bit, here) to anyone who wants to own them.

If you're interested in any of the above, please do comment with a "I want it!", a "Send it to me!", a "I know the perfect person for this!", etc. On the other hand, please let me know if you think my work is hideous and I'm trying to pass off ugly work on unsuspecting strangers.
First come first serve, I'll even pay for shipping. Must make room for new designs!