Monday, March 12, 2012

January BJP Finished!

I finished one! Granted, it was two weeks ago, but I did finish. :-) One piece down, eleven to go, and two months behind. *sigh* Have a look!

Please excuse the poor quality photos?

February's project is already planned out. Hopefully it will go faster once I get down to beading it. Here's the pattern....

And the template....

I tried to keep in mind that each side will be a different composition and that the center line will cut design elements off if I don't watch my placement. Wish me luck! I also have the pieces for March and April all drawn out, too!

Things I've learned since last post:

1. I lost some design appeal when folding the focal in half. The onion shaped element doesn't look as cool as it did at first.

2. I want to use brighter colors on the next piece!

3. Waitressing is not so splendid after all. I did get the job. :-)

4. I fear I will never stop procrastinating and/or ever catch up.

5. A tutorial a week is out of the question. I'm hoping for one a month right now.

6. I miss my internet friends because I only have access at coffee shops now. Please comment for support. I do appreciate it. <3