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Magazine Destash

Well, I've decided I own too much stuff. Why do we as a culture accumulate so much junk? *shrug* Anyway, since I have gleaned all the knowledge I can from these old magazines, I find that I would rather pass them on than throw them out. Please come over to my Vanishing Pearl Facebook page and take a look at my Magazine Destash album.

The rules:

Like my page.

Comment on what you want.

(optional, but much appreciated) Donate $2 per magazine to my Paypal account as a gift for

Wait for your new magazine(s) to arrive in the mail.

Bead to your heart's content!

<3 Tamara


Hello everyone! I missed you.....

I've also missed beading. :-( Thanks to those of you who have kept up with me. I'd like to show you how my senior exhibition turned out. Have a look!

B.F.A. Senior Exhibition by Tamara Allison | Make Your Own Book
Now that college is done with, I will (won't) have time to work on the 240+ projects on my to do list. Wish me luck. :-)

First up, find my bead stash among all the other junk in my apartment. I few trips to Goodwill may be in order.