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Two for Tuesday: Jasper Lariat

Sorry for missing last week's post. *shrug* I do however have another fabulous sketch and finished piece to show you this week. TADA.......

I made this lariat last September. I originally wanted to make enough freeform peyote circles to make a belt. It fit around my waist, but didn't stay in place to well. (Now I have to find a creative use for the toggle clasp with extra circle, which isn't pictured here.) So I decided to make it a lariat instead!!

Miscellaneous news:
I just recently finished a new Eileen necklace, bracelet, and earring set!!! So excited that this one turned out fabulously well. :-)I have to say that freeform peyote is not usually my thing, but this design always makes me happy. 
And now, Eileen! 

I used a coil inductor for the centerpiece as well as a cathedral bead that has been embellished along the equator.

(Hey I just realized this post was themed around freeform peyote. *accident*)

I was also just recently informed that I won a free Modahaus through P…

Two for Thursday?: Enameled Profile

I apologize for missing my update on Tuesday. I have no excuse except for forgetfulness. The photo mosaic above is what was next on my list. It's a double sided enameled profile of my face. The copper base was a practice piece for my first Two for Tuesday post piece. Since it wasn't textured, I decided to enamel it instead.

I made this in 2009. Wow, how time flies! For some reason, I zipped my mouth together with a picket fence and placed a kokopelli on the other side. *shrug* This was just a practice piece and I had fun making it. I'm happy to say that this is one case where the end product matches the initial sketch. :-)

I've been so busy lately that I've completely lost all track of time. Today was the first time in a week that I've been able to sit down and bead. (1 hour 40 minutes!) Sad, huh? :-( Once school is finished, expect to see me cranking out patterns like there is no tomorrow! Promise.

Two for Tuesday: Casting a Frog

Oooohhhh, a movie! Ah, not quite. Although the 'new' Disney release The Princess and the Frog is really well done.

This two finger ring was made in 2009 I believe. It is my very first attempt at casting anything EVER. It was a lost wax casting with bronze. Pretty proud of myself for carving the frog out of wax. There was a little toy frog this exact size just chilling on top of the chemical cabinet. As far as I know, he'd been there for years without anybody taking notice. Of course after I finished the ring I put the little guy right back where I found him. And he disappeared forever within a week. :-(

As with any new assignment, I was always eager to include beads within my design. In this case, I used a single dyed freshwater pearl, which is nestled inside the water lily. See.....

Anyway.....the result: one heavy sucker that could do some hefty damage, but look good doing it.

And now for some good news!!!

I have decided to get rid of my entire stash of old magazines. I&…

Giveaway Winner!!

I really meant to have this up by last week, but lately I've spent my time doing nothing but cutting up vegetables it seems. Ah, the hazards of going back to work. I want to give my sincerest apologies.

There were five comments on my original post. And here's the pic for the random generator:

 Our winner is Designs by Dawn Marie. Congratulations Dawn!!!! Please email your address to

*And thank you Kristen for sending her my way. :-)

Here is your bracelet Dawn:

By the way, I have another batch of old magazines I don't need anymore. Do you guys think I should host another Facebook giveaway like I did before?