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Two for Tuesday: 3x3 Square

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been absent for over a week. I got a chance to visit my grandmother right before school started, went to my first week of classes, and *sigh* took my old job back. However, I've come up with something to keep me posting at least once a week for most of the next year.

I'm going to start a series of blog posts called Two for Tuesday. (If you have a better name, please share). You will see a minimum of one sketch and one photo of the finished piece made from the sketch. Our ideas have to come from somewhere don't they?

I seem to find myself stuck somewhere in the middle when it comes to designing jewelry (or anything else). One one hand, there are people who never put pen to paper before creating a piece. They record their ideas during the creation process. On the other, there are those that plan out every single detail before even picking up a tool. I do both, or neither, or even sometimes one or the other.

For today's piece I planned out t…

FREE: Beaded Washer with Scallop Stitched Edging Tutorial

Hello on this fine middle of the night/morning! Blogging in the AM. Look at me being productive! I wanted to share my latest design:

I made this last night while trying to tell myself that I can make new designs with old ideas. (Trying not to beat a dead horse here). It turned out vastly better than expected! I almost always forget that scallop stitch provides such a pretty edging. I learned it years ago and have since applied it to my work only a handful of times. *shame on you Tamara* Never fear! I will promise to use it more in the future. This is the reverse of my newly created beaded washer pendant:

If you would like to purchase this little beauty, then please visit my Etsy store. I just finished listing it (among updating almost everything on my web pages).

However, if you would like to learn how to create the turquoise washer, read on:

Beaded Washer with Scallop Stitched Edging Tutorial
Materials:·Size 11° seed beads in two colors
·Size 8° seed beads·Fireline·Needle·Scissors·Was…

Tamara Spills Her Show Secrets

The secret is I have no secrets. I have an ever changing conglomeration of ideas. I am constantly on the lookout for new and interesting jewelry display ideas. Here are some of mine. I suppose you could call this a tutorial, but in creative display rather than jewelry making. Here goes!

*******Please note that this is my one day show setup. I would never leave my stuff overnight anywhere unprotected.*******

Everybody, these are Bob, Sue, and Joe. Bob, Sue, and Joe, meet everybody!

These are Bob's legs. Use short lengths of PVC to elevate the table about six inches above the ground. This allows the items displayed on the table to be seen better without having customers bend over too far. We don't want to promote bad posture, do we? No slumping!

Next, we're going to take some adhesive velcro and cut out little squares. Peel off the back of one side and stick it to one of the tables. Use three or four squares for the long side of one table. Use one square on each of the short si…

Destash Giveaway!

Hello all,

I've been busy this past week getting rid of junk. By junk I mean beads. .....oooohhhhhhh........ Okay, they're not junk. These beads are just not my style, or I have too much stuff, or I never opened something, or, or, or. The list goes on. I've decided to share my 'junk' with my blog buddies. I am hosting a destash giveaway on my Facebook page. Here is the link:

This is a photo album. Simply comment on the photograph of what you want. I will confirm that you can have it. Send your address via Facebook message and let me know if you'd like to donate a small amount for shipping. That's it! All items will be mailed out once enough of my stuff has been claimed. Probably Monday or Tuesday for good measure.

I decide to do this because there are not many beaders, jewelry makers, or artisans in Wichita Falls. Well, I know a small handful, but not enough. I didn't wan…