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Tamara Jumps Right Back on the Horse

Lately, I've been having a run of bad luck with craft shows. I've really only found one where I can turn a profit. Living in Wichita Falls limits me to choose shows that are within a reasonable driving distance or where I can bunk at a friend's home. I'm okay with that, it's just that I've always heard that GOOD shows west of the Mississippi are few and far between. I believe this, especially since western states are also a lot bigger in size than those in the East.

I have rotten luck at actually choosing shows. I had two duds this month, but nobody shops outside in 100 degree heat. I've come to the conclusion that I'm probably better off doing a local flop of a show than applying for anything on Zapp again. After this last weekend, I've turned into a skeptic. From now on, word of mouth only for me as well as improving my images for the places that repeatedly kick me out. If I can't make it after hiring a professional photographer, then I give up…

Lunchtime Update

I don't have a whole lot planned for the moment blog wise, but I'd like to think out loud for a bit. Yesterday, Kinga Nichols of Crimson Frog Designs featured my beaded washer pieces on her blog for the beaded hardware challenge she hosted. You can also see her beautiful designs at her Etsy store. Kinga had some very nice things to say about me. This just goes to show that most artists are very kind and generous. I am easily humbled by the sincerity of people. Thank you Kinga!

By request, I've been asked to blog about my craft show setup. I have a ton of pictures to show my step by step process for a one day show, as well as a lot of images of two day setups. I'm in the process of writing it.

I have a handful of cosplay commissions to finish. I'm a nerd and was told to find the other nerds in the world and make them stuff. At least my metalsmithing knowledge won't go to waste!

I'm planning out several commissioned and non commissioned magazine articles at the …

Free Tutorial for Beaded Washers

I've decided that I should share one of my washer designs since I've been obsessing over them recently. Mandy of Beads for Brains: 365 featured the project she made today from working off my basic pattern. Her necklace sure is a beauty!!!

Materials:·Delicas·Size 8° seed beads·Fireline·Needle·Scissors·Washer (any size)
Step 1: Attaching the thread to a washer.Make a loop with the tail of your thread using an overhand knot (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

Make a lark’s head knot around a washer by passing the needle through the washer and then through the loop (Fig. 2). Pull tight.
Fig. 2

Step 2: First RoundString two Delicas. Pass the thread under the washer and back through the second Delica (Fig. 3).
Fig. 3

Using this brick stitch technique, continue adding one bead at a time until the washer is stitched with an even number of beads. Pass down through the first bead, under the washer, and back through the first bead. The first round is complete (Fig. 4).
Fig. 4

*Note: you can use either seed beads or…

Whose Got Balls?

Okay, I've been telling myself I wouldn't blog about anything else until I got this project done. Fail. Big time. BUT, it's almost done! Does that count? Anyway........this is a picture of six pachinko balls that have been beaded and then attached:

My adviser, Suguru Hiraide, gave me a handful of the little steel balls and told me to make something with them. So I did and returned for more. I started this sculpture? sphere? thingamawhitchit? last July and just yesterday started to work on the finishing stages. I had planned to enter it in the British Bead Awards and dramatically missed the deadline. Seems like I'll make it this time.

Geometric beadwork and I don't get along very well. AT ALL!!! That's why it takes me way too long to finish something that is strictly structured. Kudos go out to all of you who are well known for geometric beadwork. You are wonders. I absolutely love math, but my patience level wears out after a while. Here's the first half of m…